ahead of the future, behind the past

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Planning a calendar is like nothing else we do: sometimes, I think we’re always planning calendars.

We usually start fairly neatly: everything well-paced, in its place, discrete – like a carefully arranged irrigation scheme. And then overnight, the whole landscape is full of weeds, and wild things have come creeping back from bygone days to take root in our socks. So, here’s a post halfway between the past and the future. You’d think that would be the present, wouldn’t you? Well, it bloody isn’t.

Good Hands / Godspeed

Almost a month ago, we performed Good Hands/Godspeed again, each monologue in a different venue. For the first time, K and I watched each other comfortably from a seat instead of listening closely backstage (in her case) or sneaking in to stand at the back (in mine). But maybe we won’t split the pieces up again: we’ve always thought of them as a pair, to be honest, and in either case there feels like there is an empty space where the other person used to be.

We had visitors, too, a couple of weeks ago. Vacuum Theatre from London got in touch with us: they were here to meet new audiences, tickle new fancies, and put forward their own proposition for having a good time in the theatre: called Something From Nothing. We helped them mount a few shows over a weekend at an intimate space in Panchsheel and at Bakheda in Said-ul-Ajab. The play is as ridiculous, mysterious and fun as its preview images: which have nothing to do with the play… sort of. The company will be back in India again, they promise, so keep an ear to the ground for them: they might be coming soon to a theatre near you.

Something From Nothing | Vacuum Theatre, London

(Also worth mentioning at this point: Anuj Chopra from the newly-formed Third Space Collective ran the lighting operation at both spaces, as usual, like a boss. We’re very chuffed to be working with him. The Third Space is getting ready to mount some shows soon, by the way, so watch for them.)

Both these little events, as enjoyable and surprising as they may have been, were not part of our calendar, by the way. They just seemed to happen spontaneously, without even a stirring leaf to warn us. Not enough to blog about, anyway.

Finally, in May, we get down to doing things we’ve planned to do in the city: we’re gearing up to do a couple of workshops the coming week, and we’ll be doing more as we head into the summer, so keep a look out on Facebook, if you’re interested. The plan is to hide in our underground bunkers and play till the sun stops crying and the sky darkens and the clouds come flying in with rain. If you want to know more about the workshops we’re currently running, click here now to go to the Facebook note.

Oh, and finally, there’s probably a couple of performances next month of Mouse – remember that little play? We’re hoping to breathe new life into it this year, and give it a healthy run with some new faces soon. Well, one new face and one masked man.

We’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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