This Time

Over the past six months there have been several indications that this is not a particularly good time for theatre in Delhi. Despite the apparent hustle of activity there have been few productions of note. Almost everybody is struggling to find support, and the potential audience lingers over LCD distractions. So why are we working? Because surely there is never a bad time for theatre.

The Tadpole Repertory has been working consistently through the doldrums – not because we can but because we must. We have been involved with The Medicine Show – a late night variety programme – as one portion of The Stiff Kittens; Kriti and Momo are performing in Wide Aisle Production’s wonderful school-touring act, Meet Will; we produced The Third Pole –  the first part of a film project in Ladakh; and a few nights ago Neel and Neel dressed up as ninjas.

Now we are upon the production of Taramandal, our stage adaptation of the Satyajit Ray story ‘Patol Babu, Film Star’. Nothing is as mysterious as producing a play, and nothing else makes as much sense. We will be ready for performance in early February 2010.

Stay in touch here, and at our diary of ruminations.

In rehearsal | November 2009


~ by neelch on November 23, 2009.

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  1. Tarun! Momo! I’m never shaving now.

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