I wonder if any art has dedicated itself as whole-heartedly as the theatre, to the practice and subject of waiting.

Tadpole has resumed work on Taramandal, after a break of nearly two months. In our last message I anticipated that the play would be in performance around now, February, in the days of closing winter. But instead the script was submitted for the 2010 Metro Plus Playwrighting Award, which stipulates that no entry can be performed until the jury is out next month. And so we are waiting, again. Not impassively though. The play is in rehearsal, towards completion, and experience directs that I speculate no further.

Taramandal Sharing

'Taramandal' Sharing | 06.12.09

We benefited greatly from an evening of sharing, on 6 December, where we invited a select group and friends, family and colleagues to watch scenes from this work-in-progress. Our thanks to everyone who was there and especially those who presented comments, questions and criticisms. Several points that came up that evening are now embedded in the thrust of our efforts.

The Medicine Show is revving up once again. And next month, five of us are travelling to Rishi Valley school for a ten-day workshop. This, I hope, will become a yearly Tadpole retreat. A pause. A clearing.

In patience / Neel / 03.02.10


~ by neelch on February 3, 2010.

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