March and the Metro Plus


This post is essentially updates and announcements:

1. We’re no longer managing production nor providing direction for The Medicine Show. Bolstered by big-wig benefactors, that burgeoning bohemian rhapsody is off to a great start in its new avatar and we wish Stefan Kaye and the other acts all the best.

2. Four of us (Kriti, Momo, Neel, Tarun) went to Rishi Valley School early in March to conduct workshops with classes 8 and 9. The 8s built and presented their own stories, all shockingly dark and fairly frightening.  And the 9s put up quite the rendition of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, with boys in falsetto, multiple lovers et al. It was a wonderful, multifaceted, thoroughly fulfilling experience.

3. We’re performing Taramandal from 30th April to 2nd May at Akshara Theatre. Taramandal is the winning play for The Hindu Metro Plus Playwright Award 2010. There’ll be evening shows everyday at 7pm, and a matinee show on Sunday 2nd May as well, at 3pm. So, please do come watch. And tell all your friends.

… There’s another bit of good news, but that’s for later.

Thanks for being around and reading this, if you are. You are all gems. And together we share a gems bond.


~ by Momo on April 1, 2010.

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