End of the Year/Beginning of the Year

Righto. So, everything on the list so far has been ticked off, despite technical limitations and the current (often quite frustrating) culture of  work.

We performed Good Hands / Godspeed at the Delhi International Arts Festival in November, our first time performing in the Mandi House area.

We also performed a sketch called ‘Nightswimming’ at Short + Sweet, Delhi, a great little festival for beginners . Some plays worth mentioning from the festival are ‘No Surprises’ (a good little piece of writing by Eisha Chopra), ‘Pride and Prejudice in Ten Minutes Flat’ (a crowd-pleaser to be sure, but very enjoyable nonetheless) and ‘Diary of a Break Up/Break Down’, performed by Karthik Kumar and Anitha Mithra from the Tortilla Entertainment Company, Bangalore.

We put together So Sweet And So Cold, a Christmas ‘special’ at a private space in December. It was a variety show (of sorts) with rum punch, cakes and ‘back-presents’ at the end. We were also celebrating some of us working together for 5 years now. It was fun and friendly, and we really hope to do more of the same thing this year.

We performed Taramandal at the Bharangam in January, despite the technical staff. The less said about them and the organisers, the better. We did put together a half-decent first show, and a great second show. If the NSD delegates and invitees for whom we’d been summoned to perform the second time had showed up, they would have been quite pleased. The 20-odd people who were there were pleased. My apologies to all those we dissuaded from coming because it was ‘invitees only’ – we would have filled the place with you lot alone. This was our first appearance at the Bharangam: it’s nice to be recognised by the establishment, I guess.

We performed in Bombay for the first time ever a week ago, as part of the Writer’s Bloc festival. N’s new script Still And Still Moving saw its first three performances; at Prithvi Theatre and the NCPA no less. Bombay has a great work-culture, and for a group that tends to handle everything on its own, it was wonderful to have such an uberhelpful support staff in a strange city. Hats off to Rage for putting this together. Here’s a review for the play at Stage Impressions.

Okay, that’s plenty. If you’re reading this sentence, thank you for reading this post all the way through. See you.


~ by Momo on January 28, 2012.

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