Eh, where have you been, b’ddy?

So…er…someone may have noticed we haven’t been around on this space much. Truth is, we’ve were busy this year on our own expeditions. I won’t list them all here because that would be boring. I’ll just say that some of us went travelling, some of us stayed at home, some of us had roast beef and some of us didn’t even get a sniff.  We’re back in Delhi now and together again, and other than little one-off gigs here and there (at TLR this Sunday or at the Indo-German Mela earlier in November, for example), we’re working on one thing and one thing only. That is William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. We’re putting it up in March 2013 in partnership with friends and lovers, Wide Aisle Productions.

It’s quite different from our usual thing: that may be the exciting bit. R and N are co-directing. R’s been working physically for a while now, with breath and voice and text – with movement, rhythm and pace – with dance and song. We talked it over a bit and we settled on The Winter’s Tale for reasons I won’t go into right now. If anyone reading this really wants to know, wait for the publicity stuff to be out. That’ll all be about why we’re doing this play, what’s so wonderful about it, and why you should come watch this play. Which you totally should. March 2013. Tell your friends.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page.  ‘Like’ it, please. We’ll be updating the page every now and then with photos, info, teasers etc. You know: the usual thing. But we’ll try to be a little unusual with it.

That’s it. Hang on. I’ll upload a picture.


~ by Momo on December 18, 2012.

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