The Looking Glass Project / Summer Workshops 2013

The Looking Glass Project | The First Four

The Looking Glass Project | The First Four


The Looking Glass Project
by the Tadpole Repertory

a workshop for children on storytelling through theatre, voice and song

20 May – 1 June | 7-9 year olds | rs. 5000

Stories are intrinsic to our lives. We learn and think in stories, we make them up and break them down, mix them up, cut and paste, and sometimes even tie them head-to-tail, into loops. This workshop encourages children to playfully explore stories we all know from the worlds of history, legend, myth, and fable – as a way to learning more about these stories and making them their very own. Through theatre games and improvisations, and the use of voice and song, children are inspired to remake these stories and throw a light on them in a way only they can.

a workshop for children on making theatre from simple stories from history, literature and the natural sciences

22 May – 2 June | 10-13 year olds | rs. 5000

Stories hold within them distinct worlds – each with its own rules and reasons – that thrill or amuse us, give us food for thought and feeling, and also, in their own unique ways, teach us things. Bringing together what we know of historical events, geographical shifts, concepts of science, as well as new discoveries and current events, this workshop primarily uses games and exercises to find a deeper (and perhaps, more playful) understanding of these familiar and fundamental ideas. But also, the workshop teaches children how to create drama from simple ideas, through working together and taking responsibility for their own learning.

a theatre workshop on the making and transformation of dramatic space through the use of furniture, objects and the actor’s body

18 June – 29 June | 14-17 year olds | rs. 5000

The world of a play is brought to life, in many senses, through the placement of sets and properties. Among other things, they express the mood of the stage, and define the way performers interact with the world. Introducing bodies, set-pieces and objects into an empty space, the workshop looks at ways of building settings and transforming environments through simply designed arrangements of these objects. Through games and exercises the workshop looks into the value of objects and set-pieces in giving meaning to dramatic spaces, as well as their interaction with bodies, before moving on to putting this learning into action by creating small performances of its own.

a month-long collaborative theatre workshop in three parts for writers, actors and directors 

18 June – 13 July | 17-21 year olds

The Playhouse is a three-part workshop designed to bring young writers, actors and directors together, to plunge into a month of creative collaboration. The workshop focuses on three parts of the theatre process:

1) THE WRITER’S ROOM: on writing and developing text / 18 June – 29 June
2) THE ACT: on an actor’s tools and process / 1 July – 13 July
3) THE LAB: on directing and devising / 1 July – 13 July

The Playhouse will culminate in a sharing of the month’s work through a weekend of performances for the public.

Please note: Participants can choose to be part of two workshops in total – writers may also sign up for the actors’ or directors’ workshops. However, actors and directors may not sign up for both the acting and direction workshops. Watch this space for more details on The Playhouse.

For more detailed information on each individual workshop, please write to:

To register for any of the workshops, please call: Bikram Ghosh (+91) 98113 92916 or Kriti Pant (+91) 98184 07906.

REGISTER NOW! Places are limited.


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