The Looking Glass Project / The Playhouse

The Looking Glass Project | The Playhouse

The Looking Glass Project | The Playhouse

The Looking Glass Project
a workshop for writers, actors and directors

18 June – 13 July | 17-21 year olds

The Playhouse is a three-part workshop designed to bring young writers, actors and directors together, to plunge into a month of creative collaboration. The workshop focuses on three parts of the theatre process:

1) THE WRITER’S ROOM: writing and developing text / 18 June – 29 June
2) THE ACT: an actor’s tools and process / 1 July – 13 July
3) THE LAB: directing and devising / 1 July – 13 July

rs. 4000 per workshop / rs. 7000 to participate in 2 workshops

The Playhouse will culminate in a sharing of the month’s work through a weekend of performances for the public.

Please note: Participants can choose to be part of two workshops in total: writers may also sign up for the actors’ or directors’ workshops. However, actors and directors may not sign up for both the acting and direction workshops.

a workshop on developing dramatic text and discovering the writer’s own unique approach

18 June – 29 June

Playwriting in India feeds on a number of traditions or forms, urging playwrights to discover and develop their practices drawing on their own specific roots and influences – from narrative poetry, oral storytelling, folk theatre forms, theatre of the Absurd, and even television. This workshop addresses the writer’s unique approach to writing a play – without being prescriptive or laying down any defining rules – pushing writers instead to consider aspects pertinent to dramatic writing: structure, character, dialogue, rhythm and purpose. Each writer will work towards completing a short play or scene by the end of the workshop, which will be subsequently produced by a director and cast from the Playhouse.

a workshop on the art of listening and the common sense of the actor

1 July – 13 July

Every thing that happens on stage, whether spoken or performed, is an action within the play. For every action that an actor proposes, there is a response: a reply of a kind that demands another and so the play proceeds. Directing the actor’s focus on the simple act of listening with one’s full attention, this workshop then addresses the reading and expression of intent, and on approaching text.  Finally, during a week of rehearsing the Playhouse texts, the actors will have the opportunity to practice their common sense on stage, to listen to each other and to commit to action, without adding to or denying any part of what is spontaneous reaction.

a workshop on directing actors and devising productions

1 July – 13 July

Ritual and process are crucial to theatre practice. At the outset, a director’s role is to devise a ‘method’ to the making of a play, including fundamental aspects such as setting up the routines of rehearsal, preparing the actors through groundwork and exercises, as well as taking charge of the creative development of the performance. More crucially, the director must observe and respond. By sharing elements and methods from Tadpole’s own practice, this workshop provides each director the opportunity to work with actors in realising one of the Playhouse texts. It will encourage them to use the rehearsal space as a laboratory – to explore, experiment and execute their vision.

To find out more about The Playhouse, please write to:, or call Neel Chaudhuri (+91) 9873134028.

To register for any of the workshops, please call: Bikram Ghosh (+91) 98113 92916 or Kriti Pant (+91) 98184 07906.

REGISTER NOW! Places are limited.


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