of moving ever onwards

So, for the sake of getting this down: since our Summer workshops (which went off quite well, by the way) came to a close, we’ve gone a little underground but we’ve still been pretty active.

We put together a comedy revue about our un-fair yet beloved capital, titled NDLS. The show comprises a string of sketches and vignettes centred on transportation, traffic, and the city. It turned out to be great fun for us: the cast really owned the material we churned out, and the way the show came together, I think, owes much to the Tadpole attempt at a democratic process. It was also hugely enjoyable bringing new faces into the Rep and to watch them make something out of nothing. We’re aching to do more shows with even more new material: watch out for us performing this juicy theatrical feast between 20 November and 20 December, if you haven’t already. Chances are, of course, that you haven’t.

Something worth thinking about, perhaps, is some of the content in our show: older audiences, for example, were far less self conscious about laughing at (and enjoying) the, ahem, more politically risqué material. Younger audiences mostly sat stone-faced, a little embarrassed, and deeply disapproving of some of the material, as blind men and pregnant cripples fought over seating on the Metro, a troupe of ‘tribal’ musicians introduced their homeland to us through the medium of ‘tribal’ song, and grandparents came entangled in a small South Delhi neighbourhood park.

I should mention that at the moment, I’m reclining on a deck chair at the Dubai International Airport, being shaken every time some slumbering body along the row shifts in its sleep. We’re on our way to the Dublin Theatre Festival, incidentally, to perform TARAMANDAL there from 8-12 October. This is almost entirely by the grace of the Festival organisers: who have been complete stars in terms of bailing us out when, two weeks ago, the ICCR withdrew (without any explanation) their promise to cover our air fare. We’re deeply grateful for the kindness of those who insisted that we come, who made this possible.

An interesting titbit of news about this current run of TARAMANDAL is that Tarun is not with us this time. It’s the first time in 3 years that we’ve replaced a cast member, that we’ve had to. We welcome the illustrious Sandeep Shikhar into our Tad-fold, and thank him for his wonderful contributions to the play.

And so, somehow we find ourselves enduring a 7-hour layover in the giant shopping mall that is Dubai airport. I’ll try and do a little update everyday about the trip. Consider this the first: an article written in transit.

That’s all for now. Watch this space for more salubrious details.


~ by Momo on October 6, 2013.

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