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So. Today we play our last couple of shows. Things have gone by at such a sensible pace here at the Festival, that it’s been surreal: yesterday we performed our 4th show to yet another attentive and appreciative audience (someone Bless the Irish!). We were half way through our run yesterday, see, and today, we wrap up.

There’s a party at the Festival club tonight. The Tadpole itinerary reads “10pm onwards | Eat, celebrate, get shitfaced, stumble back to the hotel”.

It’s been thoroughly remarkable to be here, of all places. I haven’t felt alien here at all – and I’ve never been abroad before. It’s probably because we’ve been at work.

Even at the theatre, the technical staff have been lovely. They seem to have a real command over improvising solutions – over jugaad, ha! They’ve made us feel quite at home… Just a little better, maybe, because they’ve just been so helpful. Try and get staff at some hallowed festivals at home to treat small groups with respect, and you’ll see what I mean.

The response has been so very gratifying. Smiles all around. Mostly. And we’ve met many a friendly face: in bars, on the street, in the theatre, and even in the dining room at breakfast.

Oh, Piyush (and Charlotte) have come all the way from Paris to watch, and newly-made old friends and connections in the city have raised the flag.

So. That’s what’s happened so far. Let’s get on with it. With the deepest thanks to Willie White, Stephen MacManus, Spud, Liam, Rob, Sebastian, Aifric, Aoife, Natasha, Kate, Aran, and finally, Ste, for the photographs.

Yah. And everyone else in the whole world. 🙂


~ by Momo on October 12, 2013.

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