Thank Yous and all

Er. Okay. So. Since our last post, we’ve performed The Winter’s Tale at the Humara Shakespeare Festival (organised by the Prakriti Foundation) in Chennai in November. We bedded down in Kalakshetra, and spent nights talking shit and staring at the sky: shooting stars and everything, down by the sea. It turned out to be the last performance of the play for our beautiful and beloved Krittika Bhattacharjee: in Edinburgh now, doing homework. And for valiant Ashish Paliwal, called away to battle, by the world at large.

We ran more shows of NDLS just before Christmas, including a weekend in a warehouse space called Bakheda (which, by now, many of you must already know of). With strange new material, and even stranger new faces. We’re still trying new things, but so far we’re just thankful that everyone who’s helped put it together and everyone who’s come to watch is having fun. And there’s more on the way. We miss KB a lot.

We revived the Tale again late in January, with a few new faces and some parts reshuffled, to perform at the International Theatre Festival of Kerala (or ITFoK, if you like) in Thrissur. It’s a bustling festival, but intimate in its own way. We all shook new hands, and returned a few new grins. And, we welcomed to the cast the degenerates Dinker Sharma, Pooja Anna Pant and Upasya Goswami. May the gods have mercy on their souls.

And finally, most recently, Sandeep Shikhar joined us again for our performance of Taramandal at the Vinod Doshi Memorial Festival in Pune last week. It meant a lot to us to be invited. Our friends at Aasakta were total stars, all the way. Thank you everyone who helped bring us there, and who came to watch, and were so gracious and generous with their response.

Okay. That’s what’s happened. The next post will be about what’s about to happen next. I can hardly wait to tell you. 🙂

~ by Momo on March 7, 2014.

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