About the Repertory

Tadpole is a collective of theatre practitioners, committed to producing and promoting new and inventive work in New Delhi.

Since its founding in 2009, the Repertory has become known for its distinctive approach to stage work. The group is dedicated to presenting original writing and devised text performances on subjects that are relevant and compelling to audiences today. Our approach to stagecraft seeks to rise above the limitations of independent theatre in the country, and to push the boundaries and conventions of proscenium theatre today.

In a short span of time, Tadpole has come to be associated with a high standard of writing, a versatile and rigorous approach to performance by the actors in the Repertory, minimalist and elegant stage and lighting design, and a unique employment of ambient sound and original music. Our plays are both humorous and melancholy, turning a mirror towards our contemporary experience, and telling stories that seem to be about people we know or have known in our lifetime.

This blog is part of our propaganda machinery.


For details on our past work visit Ripples. / Find us on Facebook.


Andrew Hoffland
actor | mimic | cook

Anirudh Nair
actor | teacher | dynamo

Anuj Chopra
light maker | actor | caterpillars

Bikram Ghosh
actor | company manager | theory of knowledge

Kartikey Shiva
photographer | advisor | benefactor

Kriti Pant
actor | goof | heart

Krittika Bhattacharjee
actor | comedienne extraordinaire | b’dy

Mallika Taneja
actor | space-seeker | aunty

Neel Chaudhuri
writer | artistic director | father of the nation

Neel Debdutt Paul
 actor | advisor | chimney

Neel Sengupta
actor | thinker | phone charger

Pooja Anna Pant
actor | student | presentations

Rahul Rai
lighting designer | poet | romantic

Rohinee Ghosh
advisor| backstage bandit | freshly baked goods

Samar Grewal
composer | soundscapes | ghost in the attic

Sunando Chakraborty
designer | advisor | illustrations

actor | healer | laughter club president

Tarun Sharma
actor | advisor | projectionist

Vaibhavi Kowshik
designer | worker | crayons

Ved Prakash
actor | eater | adventurer

Yashas Chandra
photographer | designer | looking glass


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